This Ultimate Game Of Thrones Quiz Will Reveal How Well You Know The HBO Series

game of thrones quiz

#1. Hours before they go to battle against the Night King, the song Podrick Payne sings to a group at Winterfell is?

#2. The Moon Door is used to carry out executions at which location?

#3. What’s the crossbow Qyburn invents to kill Daenerys’ dragons called?

#4. Which of these people does Arya not kill?

#5. What is House Greyjoy’s motto?

#6. What is the ancestral seat of House Targaryen?

#7. What is Maester Aemon’s nickname for his brother?

#8. Ser Davos Seaworth is colloquially called the ____ Knight, as he smuggled vast quantities of the product during Robert’s Rebellion.

#9. Which band had a cameo appearance at the Purple Wedding?

#10. “I eat from plates stamped with ____, I sleep in sheets embroidered with ____, I have a golden ____ painted on my chamber pot,” says Olenna Tyrell in season 3. She’s talking about her house sigil, which is a:



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