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Epic Quotes is a curated platform to enable digital story telling. One can consider these as ‘micro fiction’ or ‘nano tales’ for us to enjoy daily through the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Some of our popular categories are ‘Friendship’, ‘Heart Break’, ‘Love’, ‘Family’, ‘Inspirational’ and truly ‘Motivational’ – Epic Quotes.

Why Epic Quotes?

As an quotes enthusiast we have scoured the internet far and wide for original and colloquial bits to use on our Facebook or Instagram or even whatsapp status. We realised life is short and deserves to be nothing short of EPIC. The sheer joy of sharing something fun and seeing all our friends and family wanting to share this with their loved ones just seems to make our day!

So what started out as a hobby has turned into this super fun adventure to bring to the entire internet. These are now curated by a bunch of us obsessive quote aficionados and published her for all of you mates to have a blast!

We try our level best to give credits to everyone who we can track down and if we missed you – just give us a shout and I assure you we will make amends. Onwards to your journey of Epic-ness!

Siddharth Sood aka MC SID

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Paradoxical being. Obsessive daydreamer. I have mentally travelled to places in the world you wouldn't know existed. When I am not binging my way through life on Netflix and Prime, you can find me curled up with a book. (If you love these things too, then hello, we can be friends forever!)

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Meet the girl next door , a massive content enthusiast who’s mission in life is to ‘explore’! She loves soft music, cheesecakes and reading her never ending collection of books! She’s at peace being a true blue bibliophile.

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Navya Netan

Meet the Instagram Queen – When she isn’t making our Instagram explode with likes and comments she’s out shopping and making style statements! On team days explaining how we lack that oomph!

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MC Sid

Meet our Founder - Siddharth Sood, aka ‘MC SID’ is an entrepreneur selling official licensed Fan merchandise by day and a Wedding Rapper by night. Sharing his opinions on pop culture is his true passion. Also its worth mentioning Batman and him have not been seen in the same room at the same time ever, just saying.

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Chirag Malik

Meet Mr Sarcasm, always giving advice – taking none, a wannabe engineer and a bonafide curator who’s full of quirks!
Ps : No one really listens to him though ;)

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Vansh Gulati

Meet our Content Pro - A proud Otaku himself! There is no Anime or Manga he's not aware off. Also the go to guy for all thing Epic in our humble abode. Since he turned 18 and legit - he’s on a journey to enjoy life with a cup of sake!

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Aaryan Sharma

Meet our Tech Wiz – he’s a true blooded Otaku and an encyclopedia of all things tech! Foodie to the hilt and the clandestine king of online food ordering! There is No Veg burger he doesn’t have an opinion on!

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Mohit Saxena

Meet the Fourth Estate of our gang! - Little things manage to get his attention. There isn’t a rumor he can’t track down and investigate a fan story out off! Loves sharing spoilers and keeping it light!

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